Materials specifications - Maintenance directions
Maintenance and Cleaning
To clean metal elements we suggest a dry soft rag or sponge with lukewarm mild detergent solution. Persistent dirt can be removed by means of a more concentrated detergent. In all cases the metal has to be carefully rinsed and dried with a soft rag or buckskin. Do not use aggressive products such as acids, solvents, or products containing chlorine or ammonia. Powder detergents, steel wool and plastic fi bre ponges can ruin the surfaces. A correct periodic cleaning enhances the products life and preserves its original look. This simple care instruction helps products used outdoors, especially in high humidity climate, salty or polluted atmosphere. Long term exposure to direct sunlight may cause light chromatic changes on metal surface fi nishing. Long contact with such liquids as coffee, citrus fruits juice, yoghurt, carbonated beverages or salt, can irredeemably damage the metal surface.

Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. seating use wooden components made of solid wood or heat-bent beech plywood. The top quality solid wood is first dried and then cut and machined to get its final shape and dimension. Then it follows the complete finishing process, including a special humidityproof primer coat, a careful hand sanding process, and two coatings of finishing. Plywood panels are made by means of several layers of quality beechwood veneer, positioned to cross their fi bres each other at 90°. Deeply soaked in special glue, the layers are heat pressed together to reach the desired shape. After stabilization the panels are contoured and finished following the same process as for the solid wood.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Ordinary maintenance requires only cleaning with lukewarm solutions of mild detergent (be careful that the rag or sponge has is just damp and not too wet) or the use of quality wood cleaners (be careful of possible chemical reactions with finishing). Persistent dirt can be removed by means of more concentrate detergent and following the direction of the wood fibres. In any case the wood has to be carefully rinsed and dried with a soft rag or buckskin. Do not use aggressive products such as acids, solvents, or products containing chlorine or ammonia. Powder detergents, steel wool and plastic fibre sponges can ruin the surfaces. A proper periodic cleaning enhances products life and preserves its original look. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight may cause some chromatic changes on wood surface fi nishing, this is a typical and natural feature of the wood and happens also indoor. If the product is evenly exposed to sunlight the colour change is gradual and almost unnoticeable (this means that for instance a decorative dish on a table top is probably going to cause a lighter shadow where it hides the wood, but after removing the dish the colour will gradually become uniform). Colour variations between different production lots are natural and normal feature and tend to disappear in time. In high humidity environments wooden elements can move and slightly loose shape.

For its coverings Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. use quality fabrics, carefully selected from best productions, especially made for the furnishing industry. Fabric sample cards describe main specifications of materials, including fibres composition, colour stability, resistance and cleaning/washing instruction. Light colour differences between different production lots of the same fabric are a normal feature, as well as in case of long exposure direct sunlight. The leather used by Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. is top quality material, selected at the production and tanned with products and technologies environmentally respectful. Light imperfections as well as small wrinkles and folds, rather than defects, are the proof of the natural origin of the material and are not faults. Due to its own nature, leather can absorb liquids and therefore has to be treated with care.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Fabric cleaning has to carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions, a wet brush, possibly using mild detergent or vinegar, both diluted in lukewarm water, can remove ordinary spots. Leather should not be cleaned using just water, which is prone to leave marks when drying, but only with special products for leather, following the producer’s instructions. The use of non specific products could damage the surface, causing colour changes and early wear. Any product should be tested on a hidden portion of the material, waiting at least 24 hours for possible pro-blems. Periodic care with quality creams gives the leather a better look, enhances its life and creates a semi-waterproof film which protects the material from most spots. Do not use leather products in outdoor, near to heat surfaces and do not expose them to the direct sun light.

Customer’s own material
CRJOS DESIGN MILANO S.R.L. ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR APPAREANCE, PERFORMANCE OR DURABILITY OF COM COVERINGS. Customer’s own materials must reach Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. facilities free of freight charge, with proper protective packaging (only rolled materials will be accepted). Delivery time concerning C.O.M. products will start from the arrival date of the material to Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. facilities. All costs and expenses to comply with the regular importation of the material will be charged to the Customer. Fabric needs shown in the price list are intended for solid/plain colours/height cm 140. Crjos Design Milano S.r.l. advise not to use fabrics with geometrical decorations and/or patterns. Fabrics with different height (from cm 140), decorations, matching patterns require different metres; in this case it is necessary to contact directly Crjos Design Milano S.r.l., sending a fabric sample (large enough to check the material) to evaluate feasibility, correct needs and the relevant additional cost. Leather usage (square metres) shown in the price list concerning customer’s own leather are indicative, as normally hides vary depending on single skins dimensions and the percentage of wastage.

Gas springs
Gas springs are in need of regular maintenance with silicone spray on the outer column scrolling.
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